The subject and discussion of discipline is always current.   Volumes have been written on the theme.  However, consider these thoughts.

This permissive society has been spawned by the accentuation of the “Thou Shalts” and the elimination of the “Thou Shalt Nots.”  Because of the unpopularity of the “Thou Shalt Nots,” we are experiencing more and more rebellion.  Thus, we have sown to the progressive “Wind” only to reap the absolute violent “Whirl Wind.”

It would appear that modern man would profit from the ancient Writing; the absence of which have us in near chaos relative to discipline.  Instead of recognizing and implementing these divine precepts, we continue in our own rebellious attitudes, plunging deeper into our own wisdom.  But, “If the parents have eaten sour grapes, the children’s teeth will be set on edge.”

Perhaps the average teacher today is in utter despair seeking solutions to increasing discipline problems.

From the top of the highest heads of Home, State, School, and Church, to the foot of the least of us, we stand on the precipice of internal deterioration and disintegration because too few will stand with the “rod of correction.”

How long will we halt between two opinions?  Will the rivers turn to blood before we awaken to the absolute truth that both children and adults must be disciplined with the “rod of correction” of The Truth?

When parents and teachers and children exercise these Principles, the nation will stand corrected!

Bill Graddy

(Published in Education Newsmagazine, October 1976).


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