You see around you every day,

Birds of every hue

But have you ever stopped to think,

What kind of “bird” are you?

Are you like an English Sparrow,

Without a thought or care,

Who gathers up some bits of trash

And builds its nest just anywhere?

Or, are you so dissatisfied

(Just like an old Blue Jay)

That you make life miserable

Because you harp and quarrel all day?

Or do folk say, behind your back

(So you may not have heard)

You are like the glorious melody

Of the lovely Mocking Bird!

Or, like the whistler with its yodel

Or the Dove that coos, so sweet,

Or, like the lovely Red Bird

Bringing joy to all you meet?

Are you gentle like the little Quail

That whistles “Bob White” to its mate,

Or like the lowly Buzzard

Whose life is lived on waste?

Or, are you like the Whipper Will,

Whose chimes enchant the night,

Or, like the Robin Redbreast

Perfection at its height.

So stop, think, consider this,

If before this day is through

What could you say, if someone asks?

What kind of bird are you?

Bill Graddy


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